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Vitamin D deficiency in the system "mother - placenta - fetus"
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Epileptic status in children. Clinical lecture
Epileptic status (ES) is characterized by prolonged or repeated seizures / episodes without a return to the normal state for this patient. ES is often found in pediatric practice, it…

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The effectiveness of restorative massage in cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a terrible ailment that modern parents are increasingly confronted with. Not so long ago it was believed that treatment for this disease does not exist. Yes, modern medicine does not completely get rid of the disease, at the same time, there are ways to greatly reduce the negative effect of the disease, and also contribute to the maximum development of the child. And an important role here is given to a special restorative massage.

Features of the procedure
Such a disease greatly limits the patient’s capabilities. At the same time, a complex of rehabilitation procedures, which consists of physiotherapy exercises and special techniques of manual therapy, makes it possible to normalize the functioning of the central nervous system. Thanks to this technique, a child develops a number of skills necessary to control his own body. Competent manual therapy significantly increases the result of general treatment.

The relevance of this technique is due to the fact that children have the ability to create new connections between existing neurons. This makes it possible to otherwise solve certain problems associated with body control, which patients cannot solve in the traditional way. With the help of competent acupressure, a specialist stimulates specific nerve endings, activating their normal work.

Such procedures are carried out both in the doctor’s office and at home. But in order to avoid improper exposure in the latter case, rehabilitation massage courses for cerebral palsy should be taken. This will allow you to effectively deal with pathology in the most comfortable environment.

Massage benefits
Such manual therapy has a number of serious advantages:

increase of protective functions of the body and activation of the immune system;

improvement of the patient’s condition;

activation of the process of cell division in the brain;

increase in muscle strength;

activation of hormones and immune cells;

removal of toxic elements from the body.

All this has a positive effect on the patient’s condition. As a result, such therapy is really able to increase the effectiveness of the treatment of cerebral palsy.

When the procedure is contraindicated
You can not deal with manual therapy for cerebral palsy in case of acute allergic reactions, fungal diseases, acute respiratory infections, the development of infections, heart failure, etc. At the same time, for most patients, restorative massage is one of the few ways to improve the state of cerebral palsy.

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