The use of probiotics in the prevention of seasonal acute respiratory infections
The problem of seasonal incidence in children and adults with acute respiratory infections in recent decades has become increasingly important. This is due not only to an increase in the…

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Epileptic status in children. Clinical lecture
Epileptic status (ES) is characterized by prolonged or repeated seizures / episodes without a return to the normal state for this patient. ES is often found in pediatric practice, it…

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An early exposure of cat allergens and features of the course of allergic rhinitis in children
According to research, cats are extremely popular pets both in the world and in our country. The widespread occurrence of cats leads to the widespread high concentration of their allergens.…

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Psychosomatics in children: we find the underlying causes of the disease

Psychosomatics in children find the root causes of the disease
Dr. A. Meneghetti in his book Psychosomatics writes:

“A disease is a language, the speech of the subject … To understand the disease, it is necessary to uncover the project that the subject creates in his unconscious … Then the second step is necessary, which the patient must take: he must change. If a person changes psychologically, then the disease, being an abnormal course of life, will disappear … ”

Consider the metaphysical (subtle, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, subconscious, underlying) causes of childhood diseases.

That’s what world-famous experts in this field and authors of books on this topic write about it.

Liz Burbo in his book “Your Body Says“ Love Yourself! ”” Writes:

The most common childhood illnesses are whooping cough, mumps, measles, rubella, and windpox. Continue reading

On the verge of an epidemic? What is dangerous diphtheria and what you need to know about it

The outbreak of diphtheria in Transcarpathia alarmed the country – 15 people were hospitalized. Concern was also caused by the fact that hospitals were not adequately provided with the necessary drugs for so many patients. Therefore, is it worth waiting for an epidemic in other areas and how and is it possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from infection?

For several weeks, the headlines of Ukrainian publications have been full of news about cases of diagnosis of diphtheria. The first of these was the detection of a disease in a 5th year student of the medical faculty of Uzhgorod National University. This was announced during the briefing by and. about. Director of the Health Department of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Elizaveta Birov.

According to her, the guy went to the hospital on October 17, where during the examination, diphtheria bacteria, a non-toxic strain, were seeded on him. The patient complained of fever, sore throat, muscles. On the same day, the guy was hospitalized, and the next day, a panel of doctors confirmed his diagnosis. Continue reading

The effectiveness of restorative massage in cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a terrible ailment that modern parents are increasingly confronted with. Not so long ago it was believed that treatment for this disease does not exist. Yes, modern medicine does not completely get rid of the disease, at the same time, there are ways to greatly reduce the negative effect of the disease, and also contribute to the maximum development of the child. And an important role here is given to a special restorative massage.

Features of the procedure
Such a disease greatly limits the patient’s capabilities. At the same time, a complex of rehabilitation procedures, which consists of physiotherapy exercises and special techniques of manual therapy, makes it possible to normalize the functioning of the central nervous system. Thanks to this technique, a child develops a number of skills necessary to control his own body. Competent manual therapy significantly increases the result of general treatment. Continue reading

Parents can cause our children to become sick often.
We will analyze those cases when we, parents, can be the reason for the frequent incidence of our children. The baby that has been born does not yet know what…


However, the main cause of childhood diseases is a lack of love and attention to the child. What if a childhood illness is a call for parental love? If the…


An integrated approach to the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections
Acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) remain the most common diseases in the world, including among the children's population. In the Russian Federation, acute respiratory viral infections occupy a leading place…


Which children can be called often ill
According to statistics, children under 4 years old are often considered sick if they get sick more than 3-4 times a year. At the age of 4 to 7 years…